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Value Defined

Value is not just buying at a low price - that's procurement 101. It is just a starting point. Value is far more complex!

Our business model delivers the overall best value - minimizing risks and delivering competitive prices and favorable logistics and financing services over the LONG TERM that some of the biggest companies in the world converters in the world recognize. It fuels our growth!

We take away the risks and uncertainties that come with global importation. We create safety stock programs, invoicing in your local currency, favorable terms where possible, and we anticipate significant changes in the marketplace to protect you.

We know the strengths and weaknesses of our suppliers, so you are not surprised.

We also apply our guarantee to product performance.

We track orders until they deliver and provide regular updates (and we know getting this information from overseas suppliers is quite difficult and frustrating!).

We open the entire global supply landscape to our converter customers, using vetted factories. We have learned a lot in 40 years!

We provide a huge positive cash flow by applying just-in-time supply chain mechanics to your benefit.

We are an extension of your procurement department - your eyes and ears!

We improve your balance sheet, reduce your bank debt and therefore WE INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR COMPANY.

Here are some of the questions that should be asked when trying to define value: